Basundhara , Kathmandu Nepal | Bhaisipati -15 lalitpur Nepal

Why Us?

24x7 Nursing Care

Our nursing team is very professional and highly trained and is available twenty four hours. They know their job well and they treat patients as their own. In the case of need to go to the hospital one of our nurse accompanies the patient.

Home like environment

Patients feel like they are at their own homes. In the winter time they warm themselves sitting outside in the sun around the garden chatting with their fellow residents. They go to recreational room together watch television or do some stretching. Even the members of our management team regularly visit and have a chat with them.

Caring hands

All our staff with their smiley faces approach patients and address them as Ama and Buwa (mother and father). Our staff feed the patients with much care and love. They take care of patient’s regular need with affection. They go beyond the line to take care the patients.

Nutritious meal

We serve two major meals with breakfast, fruits and snacks including fresh cow milk. Our menu covers wide range of food rich with different vitamins, calcium, minerals, protein etc. The menu is prepared by a nutritionist.

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More About Us

Currently Orchid is situated at two locations; Basundhara and Bhaisepati. We are here to provide services like Elderly Care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for orthopedic, neurologic, head injury patients and geriatrics. In addition to that we also give care to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

We have started Day Care Service keeping in view that most of us are living busy lives and there are no one to take care of our loved ones who need assistance for their daily routines. Many services are provided at both the locations with a few exceptions.

Admission Procedure


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We have Elderly care, Nursing care, Day care, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. We also have OPD service.

A patient can stay as long as he/she needs to or prefers to. For Rehab patient, he/she can stay until the doctor suggests the person no longer needs the therapy.

We need all the medical history and the medical files of the patient and also we need the patient’s keen’s information (citizenship card and/or other current photo ID) and keen’s telephone number.

We have common (two beds and three beds) and single rooms

When patients finish their morning ritual, they are served breakfast followed by their
medication. They go to the recreational room and do some stretching and OM chanting.
Patients who need physiotherapy are sent to therapy room. After some time, we serve
lunch. After lunch, some patients take a nap some stay and for chat. We serve seasonal
fruits and in the gap of about an hour and a half we serve them snacks (khaja). Around four,
we encourage them to do social activities with our staff involved. From 6:30 pm onwards we
start serving dinner.

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