Basundhara , Kathmandu Nepal | Bhaisipati -15 lalitpur Nepal



Our center is located in Basundhara, spread in an area of three ropanis. Our buildings are earthquake resistant, built after the 2015 earthquake.   Our premise is geriatric friendly, including entry ways, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and our garden.   Orchid’s walkway from entrance to our residence has no stairs and has very little slope to accommodate someone who uses a wheelchair or has trouble climbing steps. Every walkway has grab bars installed to make it easier for our members to use wheelchair or crutches.   To increase safety and accessibility to our bedroom and bathroom, we have made the following home modifications:

Orchid has all-season garden with a variety of flowers and plants. We plan on expanding our garden so that our members can use them for exercise and walking.

  • Clean and sanitized
  • Table area with knee clearance
  • Food plan as per the dietician
  • Supplementary health drinks

  • Hospital bed
  • Air mattress and pillow
  • Enough turning space
  • Cupboards with storage at differing heights
  • Proper lighting at night 

  • Grab bars and rails
  • Shower chairs
  • Slip resistant bath mat
  • Portable toilet for night use
  • Slip resistant floors