We are here to help when you need us.


Here at Orchid, every day we acknowledge what nurses does and what they mean to human society. 

The bond that keeps a patient's health care journey together is nursing. Nurses operate persistently throughout the patient experience, and wherever there would be someone in most need of caring and attention, they are there. 

As its core specialty, Orchid Care home takes care of elders. We are there for all responsible sons and daughters who want best care for their parents. 


What is so special about Orchid Nursing care facility?

A decade has gone past serving our parents together. Therefore, we bring years of experience to these facilities. All these years we have successfully managed to surround our parents with warm and friendly environment. Our nursing care facility is not of typical kind where there would only be strict patient-nurse thing; it’s certainly more than that. We take great pride in preserving the mental health of our elders in a professional manner, in addition to offering round-the-clock nursing care.


What we bring to the table?

  • Trained Nurses and health assistants. 
  • Hassle free admission of patients. 
  • Social and recreational activities. 
  • Monitoring of medication. 
  • Transparency about quality of care.