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Orchid care home specializes in Out Patient Services (OPD) as well. As far as our OPD services are concerned, we have:


Neurology OPD

We look after patients, who have cerebrovascular disease (Stroke), movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease), Headache disorders, Spinal cord disorders, speech and language disorder and so on. 


Psychiatry OPD

Patients who have depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder, fearfulness and various forms of mental issues. Patient with a history of suicide threats as well as those with substance intoxication signs and those who are Violent/aggressive/abusive are treated in the emergency room and, if necessary, admitted.


Endocrinology OPD

We diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, thyroid diseases, infertility, growth issues, and metabolic disorders and so on. 


Cardiology OPD