We are here to help when you need us.


We provide this therapy service to in house patients, OPD and for Day care individuals. We also provide therapy for the individual with medical condition like hypertension and diabetic. We have got well rounded team of physiotherapists. 

We certainly offer more values than just physiotherapy.

Convenient hours: We always put our patients first. We highly consider the convenient hours for those who don’t have flexibility to make an appointment during their work time but badly needs the therapy. 

Private treatment rooms: Having a private room allows our patients to: feel comfortable working with the physiotherapist; discuss their condition candidly and ask questions without fear of being overheard. They learn their rehabilitation techniques in private, which allows them to focus on the therapist. 

Experienced physiotherapists: Physiotherapy service at orchid is given only by experienced physiotherapists. 

Stroke Rehab: As soon as the patient stabilizes, rehabilitation should begin. In most cases, the first stage of rehabilitation takes place in a hospital. Orchid care home has prepared all kinds of facilities for stroke Rehab once patient gets discharged and come over here in a rehabilitation program to continue recovery.

In-patient Rehabilitation facility: Patients normally stay for two or three weeks in the facility and participate in an intensive, supervised rehabilitation program. Five or six days a week, active therapy is usually included in these programs. Inpatient facilities provide a full range of medical treatments, including 24-hour nursing supervision and access to a wide range of therapists who specialize in stroke recovery.

Critical care: After the patient discharged from ICU, we are there for all the care patients need.

Road Traffic Accident (RTA) Care: We look after major and minor injuries of people facing road accident.